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Brazilian Property & Real Estate by the beach in Brazil for investment, rental, holidays or retirement

Brazilian Investment Properties which are displayed on our website are marketed directly by either private sellers, estate agents or Developers.

When you enquire about a property, our system sends your enquiry directly to the Seller, Agent or Developer:so, in this way, there are few, if any, middlemen involved.

If you enquire about several properties or areas within Brazil, then your details will be passed 'directly' to the relevant seller, agent or Developer for that particular property (or area) and they will respond personally and directly to you.

We recommend you use a Lawyer/legal service who specialises in Brazilian Property and Real Estate Transactions in Brazil.

North-East Brazil

Fortaleza, Ceara

About Fortaleza, Ceara

Fortaleza, the Capital of Ceara in Brazil Fortaleza is located on the northeast coast of Brazil. Some Residents of Rio and Sao Paulo feel Fortaleza is much more exotic and exciting. Fortaleza, with a...

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Natal, Rio Grande do Norte

About Natal, Rio Grande do Norte

Natal, the Capital of Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil Natal with its 365 days of an average temperature of 26 degrees C is a popular tourist destination. Natal in Rio Grande do Norte is one of Brazils ...

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Joao Pessoa, Paraiba

About Joao Pessoa, Paraiba

Joao Pessoa, the Capital of Paraiba in Brazil  Besides beautiful beaches and white sand bathed by a turquoise blue sea, Joao Pessoa is a city with extremely unique characteristics. As report...

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Salvador, Bahia

About Salvador, Bahia

Salvador, the Capital of Bahia in Brazil Salvador is one of the top 5 cities in Brazil, with over 2 million inhabitants and a rich cultural life. It is also the main business city of the northeast....

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South-East Brazil

Rio (the city), Rio De Janeiro

About Rio (the city), Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janerio (City), the Capital of Rio De Janeiro State in Brazil Geography    CONGRATULATIONS TO RIO - WINNING THE 2016 OLYMPICS....The population of the greater metropolita...

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South Brazil

Florianopolis, Santa Catarina

About Florianopolis, Santa Catarina

Florianopolis, the Capital of Santa Catarina in Brazil   Florianópolis is the capital city of the Brazilian southern state of Santa Catarina. It is located on a subtropical island featuring...

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