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Salvador, the Capital of Bahia in Brazil

Salvador is one of the top 5 cities in Brazil, with over 2 million inhabitants and a rich cultural life. It is also the main business city of the northeast.

The famous old town centre, the Pelourinho, is an important tourist attraction with thousands of authentic Portuguese homes. Once an entry point for slaves being brought to Brazil, Salvador has a lively cultural and musical scene that mixes African elements of music, dance, art and religion with Portuguese and Indian influences.

The city does have up-to-date infrastructure like a large, modern and efficient airport, the shopping malls like Iguatemi and Barra Shopping, the 'AeroClub' leisure mall (with cinemas, concert halls, restaurants and shops), etc.

North of the city, an important industrial zone (cars and chemicals) has been created in Camaçari; and the new Linha Verde tollway ("Green Line") offers quick transport from the airport to the tourism area of the North, like Costa do Sauipe and Praia do Forte.

The south of the city is less known for tourism, except for the paradisiacal islands of Morro de São Paulo (Tinharé) and Boipeba

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Real estate and hotels in Praia do Forte

Praia do Forte was created some 15 years ago by Peter Klaus, a visionary investor who turned this beautiful fishing village into one of the first truely ecological resorts in the world. His luxury hotel, the Praia do Forte Eco Resort, remains to date one of the standards of luxury relaxation in Brazil.

The village itself has become a middle class holiday town; quite busy in high season yet very tranquil off-season. It's largely a family-oriented resort; it offers decent dining and some shopping but little entertainment. The town is host to one of the Tamar projects, protecting the giant sea turtles that lay their eggs on the Bahian beaches.

Real estate and hotels in Costa do Sauipe

Costa do Sauipe was opened in Jan. 2001, featuring five hotels with five stars each - a Marriott's, two Sofitels, a Renaissance, and a Breezes Superclub, plus PGA golf course, spa, equestrian centre, helipad etc. In less than 4 years, these resorts are already operating year-round at an average 65% occupation. Room rates are around $200 year round with high season peaks of up to $400 per night.

Costa do Sauipe is located some 65 km from the modern International Airport of Salvador, the capital of Bahia. It is connected by an excellent highway, and the state of Bahia is actively supporting tourism as the key factor to growth - while keeping strict control over it's natural resources.

Bahia is a well-established tourism destination, home to both Club Med's in Brazil (one near Salvador, one near Porto Seguro), and between Sauipe and in neighbouring Praia do Forte Iberostar is adding another 5 resorts. Other large operators are Odebrecht. The area of Costa de Sauipe, some 15 million square meters, is owned by the Odebrecht company. Odebrecht is one of the largest engineering companies and constructors in the world, with sales of about $1.5 billion and 22000 employees. Metro's, hydro-electric projects, nuclear plants, pipelines, roads, bridges, cathedrals, Conrad hotels, skyscrapers - you name it, they've built it. They have built several residential skyscrapers in Brazil; as well as a first phase of about 100 holiday homes in Costa de Sauipe. A second phase is ready to be launched early 2005.  (We have met personally with the Marketing President of Odebrecht and can supply their properties via our network).

This stretch of coast in Brazil is very beautiful thanks to a combination of beaches, dunes and lagoons just behind the beach; which makes it very delicate in terms of environmental protection. Yet Odebrecht has gone through the learning curve and their master plan has been approved, which saves investors about 2 years compared to any major project one might do here on one's own. They have a quality philosophy and design guidelines respecting the environment that fit well with luxury developments.

Real estate and hotels in Imbassai and Guarajuba (near Praia do Forte, Salvador)

Located between Costa de Sauipe and Praia do Forte, Imbassai and Guarajuba is one of the last towns to have been structured for tourism. In spite of having almost 100 little hotels or "pousadas", there are still no paved streets; and the town layout is messy.  Yet, for those who can stand this slightly primitive aspect, Imbassai definitely has some charm with the Imbassai river, running parallel with the beach, just some 100 m behind the dunes. This creates a unique setting for many of the pousadas; and the beach with it's roaring waves may be a bit rough for swimming but is quite beautiful by itself.

As an investment, Imbassai is bound to increase in value, with the nearby developments of luxury hotels and resorts, including the Atlantica chain and the Hedonism (another Breezes' Superclub brand) serving as a catalyst. Land prices have already started to go up, but are still at a level that allows for large profits over the next 3 years.

Real estate in Mangue Seco

Mangue Seco is an exceptional beach in the north end of Bahia, some 170km from Salvador airport via the Linha Verde highway.

It's exceptionally high white dunes, just in front of the sea, are a famous tourist attraction and have been the setting of several TV series. The village used to be one of the most remote, rustic yet idyllic hideaways in Brazil, as it could be reached only by boat or 4x4.

A little south of the dunes, it's pristine white beaches have become the favourite location for those looking for and exotic hideaway; and rivers in the back allow for fishing, canoeing and so on.

Prices are still good in this area - as the access used to be difficult. Today, however, works have already started to asphalt the connection between the highway and the coast; and it will take only a few years until it reaches all beaches between the nearby village of Costa Azul and Mangue Seco - expect prices to triple by then.

Real estate investments in Morro de São Paulo

Some two hours of sailing south of Salvador, lie the islands of Tinharé (Morro de São Paulo) and Boipeba, two of the most beautiful and virgin spots in Brazil.

Its unpaved, sandy streets (or rather, alleys), and a series of palm tree lined beaches (simply called first beach, second beach, third beach and so on...) have that special lazy feeling during the day.

At night, however, Morro changes faces and its second beach becomes the scene of an effervescent party life, especially during the holidays and around Carnaval.

South of Morro (and extremely hard to reach) lies the even more exotic Boipeba, where natural pools and reefs in front of the beaches create a kaleidoscope of colours... but unfortunately, its lack of accessibility (and poor legal documentation) makes it a very challenging location for further development.


Trancoso is a charming little village, some 40 minutes from the ferry boat that separates Porto Seguro and it's international airport from Arraial d'Ajuda.

Its beautiful beaches (including the famous 'Praia do Espelho', one of Brazil's best), it's quietness and privacy, have long made it the favourite hideaway for what's called Brazil's "1% of the GDP" - the small elite that holds the key to most of Brazil's wealth. Gisèle Bundchen, Naomi Campbell and many other celebrities own a summer house here; and it should be no surprise that the beach in Trancoso is among Brazil's most expensive, at prices of $8000 up to $10000 per linear meter of beach.

While in the Brazilian summer (Dec.-Feb.) it turns into a little hotspot with VIP parties and a little jet-set scene, most of the year Trancoso is extremely quiet. 

Trancoso also hosts the isolated "Outeiro das Brisas" resort, with private airstrip and polo fields; as well as the TerraVista/Club Med resort - although this, strictly speaking, is on the territory of Arraial d'Ajuda. Apart from that, there are cute interior design and souvenir shops on the famous "Quadrado", a quiet, carfree square with quaint little village houses that cost $4000 five years ago, but now are sold for $100000 and more.

There's a few 'boutique' pousadas, like El Gordo, Estrela d'Agua etc., that have added some more to the reputation of Trancoso.

Arraial d'Ajuda, Bahia, Brazil

Arraial is a charming little village, only separated from Porto Seguro's international airport by a 10 min. ferry. Porto Seguro provides the infrastructure (airport, hospital, shops, large hotels), but lacks charm and is more popular for mass tourism.
On the other side of the river, Arraial more than compensates for this. It has a green village centre, quaint little houses in portuguese style, cute little shopping and dining streets, and charming pousadas. On top of that, Club Med, with the Terravista residential project and golf course, are adding extra value to Arraial.

And of course - Arraial has some of the most beautiful beaches boarded by cliffs and tropical vegetation in Brazil.

Because of its good access, both for the rich Brazilians and the international market; the nice weather; its beauty ànd a good infrastructure that makes it interested for long-term stays, Arraial is one of the locations that is bound to become one of Brazil's top locations.

Porto Seguro, Arraial d'Ajuda, and Trancoso

Porto Seguro is one of Brazil oldest tourism destinations, with hundreds of small hotels and some quite nice beaches, but the village of Porto Seguro itself is generally rather a low to mid-end destination.

It's charm, however, lies in the neighbouring villages like Arraial d'Ajuda and Trancoso, separated from Porto Seguro by a 10 min. ferry.

On the other side of the river, Arraial d'Ajuda more than compensates for this. It has a green village centre, quaint little houses in portuguese style, cute little shopping and dining streets, and charming pousadas. On top of that, Club Med, with the Terravista residential project and golf course, are adding extra value to Arraial.

And of course - Arraial has some of the most beautiful beaches boarded by cliffs and tropical vegetation in Brazil. Because of its good access, both for the rich Brazilians and the international market; the nice weather; its beauty ànd a good infrastructure that makes it interested for long-term stays, the area around Porto Seguro will keep growing and is bound to become one of Brazil's largest holiday destinations.


Comandatuba is located about one hour south of Ilheus, the same (old!) airport that provide access to Itacaré. It acquired it's fame because the Comandatuba Golf Resort; a large, old hotel complex with a beautiful golf course stretching along the ocean on the "island" of Comandatuba - in fact, just a stretch of land separated from the mainland by the river.

The resort has its own full-size landing strip, that takes the Boeing charters that fly clients in from São Paulo. Although the rivers carry a lot of sediment into the sea - which often turns it quite brownish - the resort is also surrounded by a few very private, very high end developments, with villas spread out over vast private beaches.

Outside of the resort, however, there is little else to do or see. For those who seek privacy, that in fact is a plus - as it keeps mass tourism away from this area.

Real estate investments in Camamu and Valença

South of the islands of Tinharé (Morro de São Paulo) and Boipeba, protected by the peninsula of Marau, lies the bay of Camamu.

The continental side of these 3 (semi) islands is very beautiful yet largely undeveloped.
Nevertheless, the infrastructure is in place, as the government built an airport for an important Odebrecht project with 12km of beach near the Ponta do Curral. The airport, excellent roads and even a small marina were put in place - but then the project moved north of Salvador, to the Linha Verde, and became the now-famous Costa do Sauipe.

The modern mini-airport is large enough to take major aircraft; and international flights for the Club Med in Itaparica still land here.

Further south, the protected bay of Camamu is a paradise for yachting.

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