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The state of Santa Catarina is located in the Southeast of Brazil.  Its capital city is located on an island and carries the name of Florianopolis.  Click the links below for more information about areas and towns within Santa Catarina.



The State of Santa Catarina, Brazil


Santa Catarina is one of the southern-most Brazilian states and the one with the highest standard of living in the country.  It borders with the states of Rio Grande do Sul to the south and Paraná to the north. It is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east  and  it borders with the province of Misiones, Argentina to the west. Most of its inhabitants are descendants of Portuguese, German and Italian immigrants. Its capital city, Florianópolis lies mostly on the paradisiac Santa Catarina Island.

The beaches along Santa Catarina's 561-kilometer coast (348 miles) are the main attraction to tourists visiting the smallest state in the southern region. Florianópolis, capital city of Santa Catarina, is one of the Brazilian cities that receives the most foreign visitors. To the south, Garopaba is the preferred destination for surfers looking for good waves. On the mountains, São Joaquim is the attraction during winter because of its low temperatures and snowfalls. The inland industrial town of Blumenau holds one of Brazil's largest events: the Oktoberfest, a traditional beer festival which originated in Germany. The heritage left by Italian, Portuguese and German immigrants can be seen in the architecture and customs around the state. Joinville is Santa Catarina's largest city.

The Economy in Santa Catarina


Santa Catarina has one of the highest standards of living in Brazil and is a major industrial and agricultural center.

In the northeast of the state, the electrical, mechanical, textile and furniture industries are strong; in the west, cattle and poultry breeding and processing dominate, while in the south ceramics and shellfish are the main sectors.

The Joinville-Jaragua do Sul-Blumenau corridor is heavily industrialized - more than 50% of the state's industrial output is concentrated in this small but highly developed area.

Santa Catarina has some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. The summer months (Dec-Mar) turn the state into one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the country and South America. Tens of thousands of Argentines, Uruguayan and Paraguayans flock to the state's coastal areas in the hottest months of the year. Large numbers of Americans and Europeans land on Santa Catarina's beach towns all year round on holiday or business. Many are buying property mainly in coastal towns such as Florianópolis, Camboriú and Garopaba.

Major cities and their respective fields of economic activity in Santa Catarina:

  • 1. Joinville: metal-mechanical; tourism/events; software; trade.
  • 2. Florianópolis: tourism, government, technology, education and fishing.
  • 3. Blumenau: textiles, software and beer.
  • 4. São José:  
  • 5. Criciúma: ceramics.
  • 6. Chapecó: cattle and poultry breeding. 
  • 7. Itajaí: sea port activity, fishing and tourism.
  • 8.  Jaraguá do Sul: electric motors and textiles.
  • 9.  Palhoça: furniture, ceramics, food and drink, tourism and fishing.
  • 11. Camboriú: major beach resort.
  • 12. Tubarão: metallurgy. 
  • 13. Brusque: textiles.
  • 14. São Bento do Sul: furniture. 
  • São Francisco do Sul: sea port activity, logistics, fishing and tourism.

The industrial sector is the largest component of Santa Catarina's GDP at 52.5%, followed by the service sector at 33.9% and agriculture at 13.6% . Santa Catarina exports poultry and poultry products(26.1%), wood products (15.4%), compressors (8.5%), cotton (6.8%), and vehicles (5.8%).


The share of Santa Catarina's GDP in Brazil's economy is 4% (2008).

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