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Aquiraz, located in the state of Ceara, close to Fortaleza 


Only 25 kilometers away from Fortaleza Aquiraz, which was the first capital city of Ceara for many years now plays second to its big brother.  Its rich colonial past is very visible all around you in the city, but especially in the Historical City.  In this part you are surrounded by the brightly colored colonial facades, the most of which have been extremely well maintained and allow you to breath a little of its Portuguese history.  Some of the buildings include the breathtaking 18th century Church of Matriz de São José de Ribamar, the museum of sacred arts (which also was the first in Ceará) and the preserved ruins of the Jesuits all keep the memories of the past alive. 


The wonderful sweet scent of the tropical flowers fills your lungs as you stroll though the Praça das Flores (Flower Plaza) to the other side of the square.  Here you can find various things to excite your curiosities including the Market of Arts and Crafts which are made by the locals.  With only 67,000 inhabitants this is a truly authentic City with a small town feel and what better way to pass the day to seat yourself in an outside restaurant or café and watch the world go by.


Outside of the city has a multitude of spectacular sites, far too many to list but the jaw dropping beauty of the beaches in this municipality makes it clear why it is the location of the new `Super-Resort´ which in fact will be the largest resort in the whole of Latin America and will completely transform the economy of this municipality.  The 10,000 jobs which it will create, not to mention the 700 million reais invested in implementing the project, will create a whole new energy in the municipality and in fact the `feel good´ factor has already begun with a plethora of other large scale developments following on the back of this.  In fact this resort is going to be one of the most Ecologically Friendly Resorts in the world due to its sensitive location nestled in among the giagantic sand dunes, and the championship golf course will surely be one of the most spectacular ever seen.

The government has also been generous in assisting all this new investment, with over 300 million reais being released for a new dual highway, infra-structure and an overpass to the new developments. 

Aquiraz was already the main destination for Brazilians, both from Fortaleza and other parts of Brazil, with Porto das Dunas, home of the largest water park in Brazil, but these new developments will take it to a completely different level. Some of the other beaches in the municipality are Marambaia, Presidio, Iguape, Barro Preto and the most beatiful of all Prainha!

Swinging in your hammock on Prainha Beach with a cool breeze on your face and fresh coconut water on your lap is surely as close to heaven as we are going to get here on earth!!!!


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Other Areas In Ceara