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Sao Paulo (City), the Capital of Sao Paulo State in Brazil

The State of São Paulo covers only 3% of Brazil territory, but the Economy of the State is the biggest and most diversified in Brazil. São Paulo is also the most populated State of Brazil (more than 40 million inhabitants) and the one which receives the highest number of foreing visitors.

The capital of the State of São Paulo is the city of São Paulo. In Brazil, only the States of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro have a capital city with the same name as the State.


Sao Paulo is the biggest city in the country and of all South Amercian. Sao Paulo's economy the city plays an integral part in the country's economy and tourism industry. Many tourists find its a little hard to distinguish the actual city from the Sao Paulo state, since the boundaries of this sprawling city are quite vast, and the Greater Sao Paulo area is actually the third-biggest megalopolis in the world.


Sao Paulo is Brazil's business powerhouse and its diverse inhabitants work hard and play hard. Paulistanos, like most Brazilians, are very friendly. Sinatra given the "city that never sleeps" title to New York because he didn't knew about Sao Paulo.


Most foreign visitors come to the city of São Paulo for business, and many have a tight schedule which makes it difficult go get to know the city but the About Sao Paulo bring you all the information you need for know about all the city.



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