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For sale: 2,907 of develoment land in beautiful Zimbros

Development Land in Zimbros, Bombinhas, Santa Catarina

Additional Documents

Bombinhas 29.07.2009 eng.doc

£400,000 / $617,978 / €488,889 / R$1,100,000

Ref: PBSC1024

General Summary

  • Porto Belo: 9 km

  • Camboriú: 41 km

  • Itajaí: 52 km

  • Florianópolis: 79 km

  • Blumenau: 89 km

  • Porto Alegre: 563 km

  • Curitiba: 261 km

  • São Paulo: 663 km

  • Rio de Janeiro: 1,021 km


 The Property Offers:

  • 2,907 of development land
  • Superb location
  • Sea view
  • Beautiful landscape covered by Atlantic forest vegetation

Bombinhas Property
Overview - PBSC1024

Beautiful piece of development land set on a gorgeous slight hilly location, just a few metres from the sea at Zimbros beach. Ideal for a guest-house or any other hospitality/entertainment industry development, a residential rest/nursing home for the elderly, a housing/plot development, a university campus, a mega night-club, etc. Excellent investment opportunity given the high real estate appreciation rate in this fast growing region. Endless possibilities!

Property Location within the Bombinhas Area


Zimbros: The name 'Zimbros' derives from an aromatic, medicinal plant easily available in this region. Today, 'zimbro' seeds are used in the production of gin.


This two-kilometre long beach can be easily reached through a fully paved road. It is a picturesque place with calm, clear waters, suitable for children and the practice of water sports such as windsurfing, jet-skiing and sailing. Typical fishing boats may be found at this beach which is seen as a safe harbour for vessels. Its Atlantic Forest-covered coastal land includes the deserted beaches of Lagoa, Cardoso, Vermelha and Triste, known to those who are into long treks along the paths that go across the woods.

Zimbros has full infrastructure with all sorts of shops, restaurants and guest houses.


Property Deposits & Payments Terms

To be discussed in due course.

Associated Purchase Costs of Property in Bombinhas

In addition to the listed price for the investment, the following costs will apply to your purchase:

  • Stamp duty tax (or registration tax) is around 0.8% (max. of R$ 801.00) of the purchase price (payable to the notary) 
  • Notary fees is approx 1% of the purchase price (max. of R$ 805.00)
  • Property transfer tax (ITBI) of approx 2% (payable at the city hall).
  • 'FRJ - Fundo para o Reaparelhamento do Judiciário' (Fund for Re-equipment of the Judiciary) tax of 0.3% of property price (max. R$ 400.00)


UK / Brazilian lawyer (optional but recommended) 

  • With regard to lawyer's fees, these can vary depending on the work and level of service you require. A fee of between 0.5% and 3% will be charged depending on work / service.
  • Should the property have any issues with regard to debts or impediments of any sort and the lawyer advises the buyer not to proceed, then 50% of the agreed legal fee is payable.



Property Running Costs

Monthly Utility and other costs directly associated with this property are set out below: 

  • Council Tax (per year): to be advised
  • Utility expenses (paid monthly) shall depend on consumption

To Obtain the price in your own currency, divide the above figures by the rate(s) shown at the bottom of the page.  All above rates are approximates / estimates.

  • When buying a property it is important that you pay the appropriate council rates (usually around 1% of the property value per year) and condominium charges (if applicable), your home / investment is at risk if you do not keep up these payments. 

    Rental / Yield Potential

    Selling for profit would mean 20-25% appreciation per year on purchase price.

  • * All properties are sold in Brazilian Reais (symbols R$ or BRL). Currency rates will depend upon your banks conversion rate at the time of transferring the monies. The current conversion rates used on this site are €1 = R$2.25, £1 = R$2.75, $1 = R$1.78. To check the latest rate 'spot rate' with Bank of Brazil click here.

    Consider using a Money Transfer Agent to Transfer Money To Brazil, offering better Exchange Rates than High Street Banks.

    Prices displayed do not include other associated purchase costs such as Government Purchase Tax, Legal Costs, Admin and Furniture (unless stated).