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For sale: promontory in breathtaking location at Praia do Rosa

Development Land in Praia do Rosa, Santa Catarina, Brazil

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£4,854,545 / $7,500,000 / €5,933,333 / R$13,350,000

Ref: PBSC1030

General Summary

  • Right upon the sea
  • 90 km to Florianópolis
  • 110 km to Florianopolis International Airport
  • 380 km to Porto Alegre

The Property Offers: 

  • Property size: 176,400
  • Seafront location
  • Endless development opportunities

Praia do Rosa Property
Overview - PBSC1030


A gorgeous, highly unspoilt promontory on the coast of Santa Catarina surrounded by rocky formations and jutting out into the clean, green water of Praia do Rosa. Worth seeing for its lush beauty and almost untouched natural environment, this 176,000 property comes with its own private beach. Please see the attached presentations for further information including development projects especially created for this magnificent peninsula. Ideal for plot, residential, holiday or rest home and hospitality industry development.


Make high profits by buying as pure investment and selling in a few years' time or develop the property now and make a fortune in the short term.



Property Location within Santa Catarina

90 km south of Florianopolis, Praia do Rosa was one of Brazil's hidden treasures until very recently. Not very long ago, it was just a small fishing village with nothing but a handful of loyal surfers enjoying its excellent surf conditions.

Year on year, this beautiful beach attracts an increasing number of tourists while remaining relatively untouched. It is a wild, natural place with a couple of beach shack bars on a perfect crescent of soft sands and dunes surrounded by lagoons set between the sea and gorgeous hills covered with dense Atlantic forest.

Praia do Rosa is the only Brazilian bay in the select 'Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club' as well as a Right whale protection area and the seat of the Right Whale Protection Institute.

Excellent accommodation, gastronomy and leisure options available.



Build / Property Specification


If you buy this property and decide to either develop it in any way or build on it, we can assist you with expert advice, architect and construction services, permits, etc. An estimate for such services would be provided in due course.


We can also provide the necessary furniture to leave your property ready to use. Quotations may be supplied on an individual basis as this will depend on the quality of furniture required and the actual size of the property to be furnished.


Architect and interior decorator's expert assistance is available for a fee to be negotiated.



Property Deposits & Payments Terms


To be discussed in due course.

Associated Purchase Costs of Property in Ibiraquera


In addition to the listed price for the investment, the following costs will apply to your purchase:

  • Stamp duty tax (or registration tax) is around 0.8% (max. of R$ 801.00) of the purchase price (payable to the notary) 
  • Notary fees is approx 1% of the purchase price (max. of R$ 805.00)
  • Property transfer tax (ITBI) of approx 2% (payable at the City Hall).
  • 'FRJ - Fundo para o Reaparelhamento do Judiciário' (Fund for Re-equipment of the Judiciary) tax of 0.3% of property price (max. R$ 400.00)


UK / Brazilian lawyer (optional but recommended)

  • With regard to lawyer's fees, these can vary depending on the work and level of service you require. A fee of between 0.5% and 3% will be charged depending on work / service.
  • Should the property have any issues with regard to debts or impediments of any sort and the lawyer advises the buyer not to proceed, then 50% of the agreed legal fee is payable.


Property Running Costs

Costs directly associated with this property are set out below: 

  • Council Tax (per year): to be advised
  • Utility expenses shall depend on consumption

To Obtain the price in your own currency, divide the above figures by the rate(s) shown at the bottom of the page.  All above rates are approximate / estimated.


  • When buying a property it is important that you pay the appropriate council rates and condominium charges (if applicable). Your home / investment is at risk if you do not keep up these payments. 

    Rental / Yield Potential

  • Selling for profit would mean at least 20% appreciation on purchase price per year.
  • Tourism in Praia do Rosa is growing fast therefore any hospitality industry development in the region is sure to yield high profits.



  • * All properties are sold in Brazilian Reais (symbols R$ or BRL). Currency rates will depend upon your banks conversion rate at the time of transferring the monies. The current conversion rates used on this site are €1 = R$2.25, £1 = R$2.75, $1 = R$1.78. To check the latest rate 'spot rate' with Bank of Brazil click here.

    Consider using a Money Transfer Agent to Transfer Money To Brazil, offering better Exchange Rates than High Street Banks.

    Prices displayed do not include other associated purchase costs such as Government Purchase Tax, Legal Costs, Admin and Furniture (unless stated).