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Commercial Property, Plantation / Farm / Mine in Sao Paulo, Brazil

£21,818,182 / $33,707,865 / €26,666,667 / R$60,000,000

Ref: PB2007


  • Two Gold Mines for Sale Near Brasilia
  • Gold Mine 1 - 9.7g per Metric Ton / Total of 217 Hectares
  • Gold Mine 2 - Total of 960 Hectares
  • Sugar and Ethanol refinary in São Paulo State


2 x Gold Mines for Sale with exclusive sale rights


Located in center of Brazil near Brasilia (Capital of Brazil) and Goias named 'Jenipapo' in Aurelandia (Goldland) 353 km from Brasilia (BR-060) or 143 km from Goiania (GO-164) and 53 km from Brasilia or 143 km from Goiania.


Gold Mine 'Jenipapo' was explored for a couple of years since 1989 but has still more than 60% of there reserves in the ground. The total research was 298.000 MT with an average of 9,7 g/MT of AU. In total was recovered 2.980kg of Gold till present day. The total area with license is 217 ha. The equipments have been transfered now to the second Goldmine called 'Aurumina'.


Aurumina Gold Mine was founded in 1993 and at this time in progress a big egologic survey of the Goldmine to proof and know the exact capacity of the Gold Reserves in the ground. Aurumina Goldmine is located 330 km from Brasilia (GO-118). The License by the Brasilian Federal Mineration Department includes an total area of 965 ha. Two mines are open.


Inspections to the Gold Mines can be arranged for serious buyers, if you are interested in BOTH Mines we can organize an inspection > visit to the Mines.  Need to book a flight to Brasilia from there it is 4 hours car drive to mine Jenipapo.  Travel time to second mine is approx 3 hours to Mine Aurumina and than back to Brasilia at night.


We have vast contacts all over Brazil and can locate other commercial ventures (including Gold Mines) please contact us for more information.

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