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Land of Brazil for Sale in boyant São João do Rio Vermelho

Development Land in São João do Rio Vermelho, Florianopolis, Santa Catarina

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£1,818,182 / $2,808,989 / €2,222,222 / R$5,000,000

Ref: PBSC1019a

General Summary

  • 10 minutes's walk to beach
  • 40 minutes' drive to Florianopolis International Airport
  • 40 minutes' drive to Florianopolis town centre
  • Supermarkets, restaurants, bars, pharmacies, medical centres, schools, and all sorts of shops nearby 



Property offers

  •  Property Size: 86,000 of dry, mostly flat development land
  • With 86 m upon the main road, this area of land runs as far as the dunes 
  • Located in the smartest part of the neighbourhood which is undergoing transition from rural to urban
  • Fast-appreciating area with many top-class plot and condo develoments cropping up 
  • Large warehouse and various outbuildings


Florianopolis Property Overview - PBSC1019


Beautiful area of land in top location within the São João do Rio Vermelho neighbourhood which is undergoing the transition process from rural to urban. With 86 m upon the main road, this land runs for 1,00tykm until it reaches the dunes along the Moçambique Beach, the cleanest on the Island of Santa Catarina, which may be reached in 10 minutes on foot or by car from this property. The Rio Vermelho runs through it and marks the beginning of the Permanent Environmental Preservation Area in the neighbourhood, which is undergoing the transition process from rural to urban. Mainly flat, it has planning permission for residential development only. A pleasant, neatly presented place with lots of trees, patches of Atlantic Forest vegetation, a large brick warehouse and some outbuildings.  Not to be missed!




Property Location within Florianopolis Area


The neighbourhood of São João do Rio Vermelho owes its name to a river that runs across it whose water has a reddish colouration as a result of the decomposition of the roots of local vegetation. (Rio Vermelho = Red River)


São João do Rio Vermelho is located beside the State Park of Rio Vermelho, a 1.532,35 hectare environmental preservation unit running between the Moçambique Beach on the eastern coast of the Santa Catarina Island and the main road. Thanks to its location within the ecological reserve, this is the only beach on the island that is, without any doubt, 100% free from all types of pollution.


Rio Vermelho is the only neighbourhood on the island lying at an average height of 6 m above sea level which turns it into a sort of 'regional highland'. It features high dunes along the beach (a natural protection against the effect of sea air) to the east, and the hills to the west shelter it even further.


The view from the hills is beautiful and no matter where you are in Rio Vermelho, you will always be able to see both the dunes and the hills.


The neighbourhood has been developing continuously for the last 8-10 years and it is only recently that luxury condos are starting to crop up there. It seems developers only just started noticing this very green, natural plain spreading between Moçambique Beach and the hill chain that runs along the coast.


The southern part of Rio Vermelho lies upon the northern arm of Lagoa da Conceição (Conceição Lake) offering a breathtaking scenery with abundant autochthonous wild flora and fauna which may be spotted while rowing on the lake or walking the many trails leading up the hills or across the dunes and the Rio Vermelho to the sea.


São João do Rio Vermelho is a new, fast-growing neighbourhood with a current real estate appreciation rate of 20% per year. There are great investment opportunities in this area as property here is still cheaper than in other areas of the Island of Santa Catarina though equally valuable and rapidly-appreciating.


Florianópolis is the capital city of the Brazilian southern state of Santa Catarina. It is located on a subtropical island featuring over 50 beaches, green seas, historical places, hills and breathtaking views. Florianopolis is a place with out-of-the-ordinary beauty, the island is increasingly sought for as one of the best locations for safe investment in real estate in Brazil. Connected to the mainland by two bridges and just 20 minutes from the local international airport and 30 from the coach terminal,  Florianopolis is the capital city with best quality of life in the country, a safe, relaxed place with the highest real estate appreciation rate in the region (proven 20-25% per year).

Property Deposits & Payments Terms


To be discussed in due course.

Property Deposits & Payments Terms


At sight payment only.

Associated Purchase Costs of Property in Florianopolis


In addition to the listed price for the investment, the following costs will apply to your purchase:

  • Stamp duty tax (or registration tax) is around 0.8% (max. of R$ 801.00) of the purchase price (payable to the notary) 
  • Notary fees is approx 1% of the purchase price (max. of R$ 805.00)
  • Property transfer tax (ITBI) of approx 2% (payable at the City Hall).
  • 'FRJ - Fundo para o Reaparelhamento do Judiciário' (Fund for Re-equipment of the Judiciary) tax of 0.3% of property price (max. R$ 400.00)


UK / Brazilian lawyer (optional but recommended) 

  • With regard to lawyer's fees, these can vary depending on the work and level of service you require. A fee of between 0.5% and 3% will be charged depending on work / service.
  • Should the property have any issues with regard to debts or impediments of any sort and the lawyer advises the buyer not to proceed, then 50% of the agreed legal fee is payable.



Property Running Costs

Monthly Utility and other costs directly associated with this property are set out below: 

  • Council Tax (per year): to be advised
  • Utility expenses (paid monthly) shall depend on consumption

To Obtain the price in your own currency, divide the above figures by the rate(s) shown at the bottom of the page.  All above rates are approximates / estimates.


When buying a property it is important that you pay the appropriate council rates (usually around 1% of the property value per year) and condominium charges (if applicable), your home / investment is at risk if you do not keep up these payments. 

Rental / Yield Potential


Selling for profit would mean 20-25% appreciation on purchase price per year .

* All properties are sold in Brazilian Reais (symbols R$ or BRL). Currency rates will depend upon your banks conversion rate at the time of transferring the monies. The current conversion rates used on this site are €1 = R$2.25, £1 = R$2.75, $1 = R$1.78. To check the latest rate 'spot rate' with Bank of Brazil click here.

Consider using a Money Transfer Agent to Transfer Money To Brazil, offering better Exchange Rates than High Street Banks.

Prices displayed do not include other associated purchase costs such as Government Purchase Tax, Legal Costs, Admin and Furniture (unless stated).