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Spectacular 3 bed Modern Beach Villa in Jacuma, Natal

Villa / House in Jacuma, Natal, Rio Grande do Norte

£531,818 / $821,629 / €650,000 / R$1,462,500

4 Bedrooms
4 Bathrooms

Ref: Natal-House-2014-1008



House in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte

Splendid 3 year old modern villa with swimming pool of 389 sqm on plot of 1000 square meters on the sea near Natal (north of Brazil) Modern house with swimming pool line all on one floor with 4 double bedrooms all with bathroom,living room,kitchen,guest bathroom,laundry room,pantry,bathroom for staff.

Equipped with a panoramic terrace on the roof of the main body of the building with solarium and Jacuzzi with a diameter of 3 meters for 5 people.  Spectacular location is situated 30 km north of Natal (RN) in the tourist resort on the beach and unforgettable view of the sunset over the sand dunes behind the house.  Some additional information which may be of interest:  Sewage disposal plant with a three-stage septic tank.  Fully automated irrigation system for the garden that delivers 10,000 liters of water a day on the grass caught by an artesian well dug in the property.  The hot water required for the house is obtained by solar panels and related storage water heater of 600 liters also equipped with electrical resistance. 


Purchase Costs & Taxes of House in Natal

In addition to the listed price for this Real Estate in Natal, the following costs / fees will apply to the purchase of your house.

  • Property Transfer Tax (ITBI) - 3% approx (to register the title of the property in your name payable to Town Hall)
  • Registry Office Fee -3% approx (payable to the Notary Office)
  • Brazilian Lawyer (optional but recommended) - 2% of property price to act on your behalf throughout the purchase process.

Rio Grande do Norte has a total of 167 Municipality Areas.  Natal (in Rio Grande do Norte) has 3 of these Municpality areas namely: Extremoz, Parnamirim and Natal (state capital)



Running Costs of House in Natal, Brazil


Monthly Utility and other costs directly associated with this house in Natal can be obtained upon request.


Below is a list of other costs associated with running your property investment in Natal.

  • Council Tax / IPTU Tax - around 1% of the property price per year
  • Water & Electric - Charged on consumption
  • Condominum / Gated Community Fee (if in condo)

When buying a house in Natal, Brazil it is important that you pay the appropriate council rates (usually around 1% of the property value per year) and condominium / gated community charges (if applicable), as your home in Brazil is at risk if you do not keep up these payments. 



Investment Rental / Yield   (Rent out your Investment in Natal, Brazil)


The Natal Estate Agent office have a rental and management department who will manage your home in Brazil (if you require a property Management Service in Brazil).  We are happy to provide estimates of rental projections and anticipated yields for your property in Natal.  Both Natal and Recife will be Host Cities for the 2014 World Cup, international tourism will recieve a massive boost from this event together with the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

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Consider using a Money Transfer Agent to Transfer Money To Brazil, offering better Exchange Rates than High Street Banks.

Prices displayed do not include other associated purchase costs such as Government Purchase Tax, Legal Costs, Admin and Furniture (unless stated).