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Privacy Policy

We totally respect your privacy, any data you provide us when enquiring on our website is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Information Storage

The information you submit via our website enquiry forms is stored in a secure CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) on PropertyinBrasl's Servers.

Forwarding Information to Advertisers

We forward ALL the details you submitted via our enquiry forms, automatically to the advertiser who will contact you directly. Where a currency 'open a new account' form is utilised, then the information you submit to open a new account is in an IFrame which is supply by Axia FX. Any data submitted will be transmitted directly to the Axia FX Contact system location on Axia FX's servers.

We do not forward your contact details to any other company, other than the advertiser. Our policy is strict. The only exception would be a police investigation or court warrant.

Special Offer emailings may e-mail you from time to time (we would aim to not sent out any more than 4 mailings a year) with properties or offers that may be of interest to you. You can request to not receive these mailings by sending an email to 'remove' at (our domain name).com.

We ask that our advertisers (the estate agents, owners, sellers and other companies) whom we have passed your information to, only contact you about the specific property you have enquired about. By advertising on this site, they have agreed NOT to send you other mailings (unless you have requested they do this). If you receive unwanted mail, please advise us by email (sending the email) to 'report' at (our domain name).com.